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Maiko's Stock
feel free to use, just comment on the deviation with a link to what you made because we would love to see them (and fave them too!)
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Hey, this is me :iconmaikoneko: & my friend :iconxglitch-asphyxiation: 's Stock account ^__^

Before Using Our Stock

:bulletblue: Actually do something creative with the stock, not just changing the contrast or colour. our stock is not to be submitted under the Photography or Resources and stock images category - you did not take the photo, we did.

:bulletblue: Please do not use our stock for any offensive material.

:bulletblue: Link us to your creations with a comment on the stock - we would absolutely love to see them (and fave them)!

:bulletblue: Credit us : icon maiko-stock : or : dev maiko-stock: (with no spaces) and a link to the actual stock/s used.

I hope you enjoy using our resources :]

Prints and Commercial use

:bulletblue: Our stock is not to be used outside of Deviantart.

:bulletblue: if you would like to use our stock as print or for commercial use, please note the respected photographer (on the deviation it says "Photography By") with the title of the stock on the subject line. You must ask for permission first though a note before using our stock for commercial use.

for further questions, please note us.

xx Maiko

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Hello, you've been featured at Fanatical Publishing's Stock Directory; would you like to submit a bio and/or samples of your work?
Hi! :wave:

I just stopped by to let you know that you've been added to this list of DeviantArt Stockers J - R.

Have a great day!
Kind regards,
wow, i am honoured.
thankyou so much :)
xGlitch-Asphyxiation Sep 5, 2008
Nice shots so far, I will have to use them sometime.
I actually had an idea! @___@;
If you are willing that is.

I have a lot of shots, of people and that that could be used for stock- we could have a joint stock account...
that would be so awesome!!!!
would I have to make a new account? or should we keep this one together?
im willing all the way, a joint account sounds so awesome :)
<3 i was kinda thinking of that as well, how cool :)
xGlitch-Asphyxiation Sep 7, 2008
Hm, whichever. We could make a new one- or keep this I don't mind.
It's going to be so fun. :)
we can keep this one coz i really cant be bothrered to make a new one xD
ill note you with my email so we can talk on msn :)
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AYYY! add moar stocks! i wunt to maneepyulate
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